5 Video Game Sequels That Will Never Happen

5 Video Game Sequels That Will Never Happen

5 Video Game Sequels That Will Never Happen

Really? Are we sure sequels are already out? I thought companies only made sequels to other things?

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Every now and again a videogame is released that is so unequivocally bad, its developer brushes the remnants of its awfulness under the carpet in the hopes that no one will ever mention it again. Then there are the videogames that have achieved cult classic status, diamonds in the rough that shot from obscurity into the hands of a select few gamers who cherished them like the wonderful little secrets they were. Last but not least are the videogames that achieved such popularity in their heyday that their developers have warily avoided the notion of a follow-up ever since. The one thing all these titles have in common is that, for better or for worse, none of them will ever likely receive a sequel.

Disheartening, yes, but them’s the breaks, kid. Here are 5 such titles that we’ve almost definitely seen the last of.

5. Battletoads 3

The original Battletoads for the NES is regarded as the most unforgiving titles in early-90s gaming. This was a decade that also saw the releases of both Contra III and Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts. Battletoads really was THAT hard.

Released to directly rival the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, Battletoads became a firm favourite among NES owners thanks to its over-the-top sense of humour and superb graphics (if not for its insane difficulty level).

Unfortunately, just like Duke Nukem Forever before it, a next-gen predecessor to the retro beat ‘em up has now become something of an industry joke, with the above image being touted by witty forum members as the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Rash, Zit and Pimple in the third dimension.

The last we saw the slimy trio was in the underrated arcade gem Super Battletoads, which saw the series adopt a grittier, more violent tone that would be perfectly suited to this generations bloodthirsty gamer. It’s a shame, then, that the series has long been forgotten, with its developers Rare now turning their focus away from quality old-school gaming and onto mediocre new-school arm-flailing in the form of Kinect Sports.

Ah well. At least we still have the awesome pause menu music.

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