. Beyond Good and Evil 2

4. Psychonauts 2

Tim Schafer hasn’t had the greatest of luck when it has come to selling his games. Despite being one of the most original minds in the business, Schafer’s output has managed to elude a mainstream audience and consistently undersell, with Psychonauts being a prime example.

Although it was hailed as one of the greatest and most unique platformers to grace consoles at the time, Psychonauts rested uneasily with the public and was met with disappointing sales figures. Those who did give it a chance, however, have championed the need for a sequel, with the original title leaving the story on a dramatic cliffhanger that begged to be concluded.

Schafer appeared to be undeterred by the commercial failure of his project, going on to create the equally underappreciated Brutal Legend which, despite featuring the vocal talent of Hollywood star Jack Black, still failed to connect with a wide audience, selling just 215,000 copies in the US in its opening month.

Schafer then went on to create downloadable titles such as Stacking and Costume Quest, before finally caving in to the money-making machine and attaching his name to Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. In all honesty, Tim, we do not blame you. Godspeed, buddy.

3. Killer Instinct 3

Another Rare title that is unlikely to see the light of day thanks to the developers aversion to making games that gamers actually want to play, Killer Instinct gained notoriety by combining the attack system of Street Fighter with the finishing movies of Mortal Kombat, sprinkling a healthy dollop of insane combo’s into the mix for good measure.

With a character list that featured everything from werewolves to Velociraptors, the original Killer Instinct was an arcade favourite until its successful port to the SNES. An arcade-only sequel was released in 1996, with a modified console version of it appearing at the launch of the Nintendo 64 under the title Killer Instinct Gold.

A reboot of the franchise would be welcomed with open arms, with Rare’s Nick Burton teasing that it could be a possibility. Unfortunately he then went on to say that the follow-up may be “Killer Instinct Kinect”. F*** you, Nick Burton.

2. Beyond Good and Evil 2

Look, before you start trolling and pointing out that Beyond Good and Evil HD was recently released on XBLA and PSN indicating that a Beyond Good and Evil 2 must be in the works, and that there was a teaser trailer released 3 years ago that showed how Ubisoft must at least be considering work on the damned thing, allow me to burst your bubble by reminding you of a little game called Duke Nukem Forever.

Now I’m not saying that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is going to be this generations DNF. I’m saying that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is this generations DNF. I mean, C’MON. If you simply equate its re-release as DLC with Duke Nukem 3D’s ports to iPhone’s and the like, the much-anticipated sequels painstakingly slow trajectory onto current-gen consoles is almost exactly the same as the Duke’s, except with smaller tits and more pig-headedness (geddit?).

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