XCOM: Enemy Unknown Will Have More DLC Next Year

More DLC will follow the Slingshot Content Pack coming soon this year

by Jordan Erica Webber on 1st Nov, 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown has proven to be a big success, and plenty of downloadable content for the game is on its way, Take-Two has said. In a statement about the popularity of the game, a representative from Take-Two (which owns 2K Games and Rockstar Games) said:

The title is proving to be a critical and commercial success, with strong digital sales and a near 90 average review score on Metacritic. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is being supported with two downloadable add-on content packages available this year, with additional content planned for 2013.

While no details have been given on the additional content that will be available next year, this year’s content consists of the Elite Soldier Pack and the Slingshot Content Pack. The first of these was a pre-order bonus, but can also now be purchased for $4.99 on PS3/PC or 400 Microsoft Points. The Elite Soldier Pack gives you a raft of customisation tools, like the ability to change the colour of your soldier’s armour.

The Slingshot Content Pack has no release date, but will include three new maps that are linked to the Council missions, a new playable character, and some more new customisation options for all your little soldiers.

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